Carex Hammer Vibrating Rings ( Reusable )

Quick description:

Carex Hammer Reusable Vibrating Rings
  • Superb quality vibrating cock ring stretches to fit any and all sizes
  • It effectively stimulate female's genital area fun for her! 
  • It helps delay male's ejaculation.
  • To provide maximum pleasure to partner 
  • Make happy couple and quickly reaches climax for her 
  • Vibration generated at the top of Ring Vibrator will enable women climax 
  • Made of high quality silicone material and durable 
  • Vibrator Ring designed for husband and wife. 
  • Designed with a combination of technology and innovation, it can provide a wonderful experience and maximum enjoyment for each pair. · The silicone material of high quality and durable vibration technology
  • Vibration can make you enjoy a night range cannot be separated again. 
  • The love that arises in the upper Vibrator Ring is able to activate Climax women, while creating a memorable experience. 
  • Moreover, Vibrator Ring promises durability and maximum erection for your partner.
  • Removable and reusable bullet vibrator.Improves stamina
  • 2 Maxell Batteries Included

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