Extra Temperature Instant 15's

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Extra Temperature Herbal Sex Capsules Best Erection Performance Enhancer

Extra Temperature Each package Contains 15 Capsules. Take one Capsule 30 minutes before sexual activity. Extra Temperature Sexual Enhancement Pill Bigger, harder, Stronger and longer Erections. Extra Temperature 500mg, 1 capsule restores energy and reproduces blood by increasing the size of penis and treats premature ejaculation. Benifits: 100% Natural Herbal  product, It products habit Fight Impotence, increases sensitivity, increases sexual desire, increase the period of erection, it lasts about 72 hours (more than any other product on the market) Features: 100% Natural Herbal Fast Acting Formula Sexual Desire & Orgasms are Increased ready in 30 prior to Sexual activity Safe for Diabetics, can be used with alcohol powerful erections. certification: GMP and ISO 9001. 

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