Durex Extra Dotted Condoms - 10's Pack

Quick description:

As the name suggests the extra dots allow her to experience heightened pleasure as the dots can rub against erroneous zones inside her vagina allowing her to experience exploding climax, which may not be possible under normal circumstances. So, maximize your pleasure with Durex Extra Dotted condom and allow her to experience maximum arousal and highly sensual sex. Exclusively available only @ sensualkart.com

Adventure is an essential element for a fulfilling love life. When you want to derive maximum pleasure from your physical intimacy, then you need to experiment and try new ways to have extra fun. Durex Extra Dotted condoms are meant to allow couples to enjoy extra fun during their love making. The condom has uniquely positioned dots that help allow her to experience maximum stimulation during your skinny dipping. The extra dots are tiny and rigid projections that are hard enough to rub the highly sensual portions inside her pleasure hole while soft enough to give her thorough enjoyment. Exclusively available only @ sensualkart.com

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