Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 10's Pack

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For such couples and for those special moments, there is a special condom called Durex Extra Thin Condoms. This condom gives you a near natural skinny dipping experience. The condom is so thin that she can feel the warmth of your organ and receive maximum pleasure as you move in and out. As the name suggests, Durex Extra Thin condoms are thinner than thin condoms that are available in the market and you can try this tonight to have near natural fun without having to compromise safety. Exclusively available only @ sensualkart.com

When love towards your partner overflows and you both are caught in the whirl of passion, nothing can both stop you really. You both would like to merge yourself with each other's body and experience a unique pleasure that is beyond words. When you both are in such an intense passion, you don't like anything to come between you, not even a condom. Exclusively available only @ sensualkart.com

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