Okamoto condoms

The premium Japanese condom brand which has the thinnest condom is now available in the market. Okamoto condoms are the type of condoms that never compromise in quality. You can buy Okamoto condoms in the full package now online from sensualkart. If you have any thoughts about buying Okamoto condoms online in India. You can visit sensualkart.com, we have a wide variety of Okamoto condoms with us. This condom is named after a famous surname Okamoto which is a very popular surname in Japan.

Okamoto Condoms Size

The standard sizes come in Okamoto condoms. Even the Indian men’s genitals vary in sizes, Okamoto condoms fit very well with all the sizes.

52 ± 2 mm Width

180 ± 10mm Height

Okamoto condoms 003

Okamoto also offers a premium range of condoms which is called as Okamoto condoms 003 platinum which is the best and thinnest quality condoms that are made. available now in Indian markets. Okamoto condoms are ranked as one of the top 10 thin condoms in the world. The revolutionary Japanese technology is used in manufacturing these condoms.

The Okamoto company has a rich heritage of 75 years of manufacturing thin condoms. These condoms are made in a high accuracy way which can satisfy the feelings of the users from thinnest and softness, also this company is pushing the edge in creating the finest quality of condoms for its users without compromising on the security aspect which is the main reason for the usage of condoms. Okamoto condoms thus give the best of it to all its customers from the aspect of quality in the regions of safety, softness and thin condoms

Okamoto is the company that made the best thinnest condom in the world. The Okamoto company made the thinnest latex condom complying all the specification of ISO 4074:2002. The naming of the company's flagship product super thin condoms is named accordingly. It can be used and at the same time gives a very natural feeling.


Okamoto condoms are known for its softness as it offers a delicate quality and fitting comfort to its users. The internal modulus of okamoto is found to be thinner than its counterparts. You can easily buy okamoto condoms online which are available now in indian markets


The main highlight of the Okamoto condom is the ‘even thickness’ it offers. Okamoto condoms offer an equally thin segment close to the condom tip all the way to the center of the condom tip which is its unique selling point as no other condom brand have ever come this close in their even thinness.


Okamoto condoms are made with very specific quality principles from the ISO 4074:2002 to make sure that each of the condoms reaches to its customer in the right way and are perfectly safe. Okamoto offers a wide variety of condoms in multiple sizes, shapes, textures, and flavours. If you are looking for discrete packaging and delivery, you can order okamoto condoms online at sensualkart.

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