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Kamasutra brings you this LongLast spray to keep your passion burning even at wee hours. Designed to enhance and prolong lovemaking, the LongLast spray delivers silky smooth lubrication and takes you and your partner to a higher plane of ecstasy with joyfull moments and memories for life.

Longlast spray, A beautiful pleasure moments can last for period of time. Intimate relationship with your loved ones will prolong by using longlast spray that helps preventing from premature ejaculation.  During the wee hours’ time this long last spray last longer and enjoy the moments with pleasurable satisfaction. If you are concerned about buying Kamasutra products in offline stores like medical shops and Departmental store. You can avail this online with 100% privacy to purchase product Kamasutra longlast spray online in India.

How To Use:

  1. Always shake the spray container before using it.
  2. Keep the container distance for 5-6 cm from internal body parts and spray 3-5 times wet the part with lubricant.
  3. Don’t expose to temperature not more than 50 C.

  Kamasutra Longlast spray Ingredients:

Longlast spray is tested and experimented to spray in internal body parts safely. A delay spray type with 5 % Lidocaine or Benzocaine as ingredients, Topical Aerosol USP 10% w/w


  1. Always remember to keep away from children’s.
  2. Flammable, Don’t flame it when container is empty
  3. Don’t spray near face and eyes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using Kamasutra Long last spray?

A. You can have great time with extended penetration for sexual pleasures. In fact it saves many people’s from Divorces and break-ups due to dissatisfaction in sexual life

2. How many times can I use this spray?

A. Kamasutra long last spray can spray 100 times in 12g but don’t overspray cause erection.

3. Is it safe to use in intimate parts of body?

A.  Long last spray is skin friendly product, safer for all types of skin including sensitive skin.

4. Does it cause any side effects?

A. Ks long last spray is tested and has proven track records which have been established in the industry.