Lilo spark of love orgasm massager

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Lilo spark of love orgasm massager

The kind of pleasure a woman experiences while using an intimate vibrating massager is completely different and cannot be equated to the pleasure that she can experience through finger or other forms of manual stimulation. The rechargeable vibrating massager allows you to experience heightened pleasure through explosive orgasm.

The vibrator is shaped like a male organ and central portion has small lines for a better grip, so that you can feel like being with a male partner and live your fantasy. The rechargeable vibrating massager helps you achieve heightened arousal and intense stimulation, that you can experience exciting time during self-pleasure.

This massager comes with adjustable vibration speed so that you can have the speed according to your personal preferences and can switch speed as you become more aroused comfortably without having to stop yourself. This massager is shaped in such a way that it can go deep into your vagina and experience intense stimulation.

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