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Moods Dotted Condoms have uncommonly module dabs on the outside to fortify. Dotted Condoms have different raised dabs on their surface, which exhibit a segment of slight contact and makes hypnotize more pleasurable for the woman. Other than this, specked condoms offer the twofold favorable position of affirmation from sicknesses and pregnancy, and lubrication too. Dotted Condoms in India are genuinely understood as is evident from the brands that offer them as a variety.

Moods Dotted Premium Condoms

Moods premium dotted condoms are the most popular dotted condoms used in India. Dotted condoms are basically normal condoms, which usually have a raised textured in the form of dots, spread out all over the outer surface. These dots are added so as to create more excitement during the process of lovemaking. Moods dotted condoms come with this unique dotted texture in which every single dot is moulded especially to add more pleasure. Also, these moods dotted condoms come in a unique green colour, as opposed to the regular transparent condoms. This is intentionally done by the company so that customers can easily identify these moods dotted condoms from the ordinary condoms. Moods Dotted condoms come with specially fashioned dots on the outside which helps you arouse her erogenous zones and make her swing with pleasure. These are green coloured lubricated condoms with a reservoir tip to hold the semen. You can go ahead and switch on some real excitement with these premium condoms.

Moods premium dotted condoms sizes

Moods premium dotted condoms are available in all regular and standard sizes, so everyone will be able to use these premium dotted condoms with comfort. The specifications of these premium moods dotted condoms is: Length is 180 mm and its width is 53 + 2 mm. Also, these condoms are green coloured.

What is the price of Moods premium dotted condoms?

The price of Moods premium dotted condoms is Rs. 100 for a pack of 12 condoms. It means that the price of a single Moods premium dotted condom is around Rs. 9. Buy these Moods premium dotted condoms with 100% privacy and discreet packaging from Sensualkart online store.

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