For a few, it's about the adventure and for others it's about the goal. Be that as it may, with regards to sex, we have confidence in making the most of each minute. Enjoy every single new dimension of excitement with foreplay and let the strain develop. Trust us and play more.

Prepare to flavor up your sexual coexistence with Playgard's varying scope of greased up condoms. Playgard Condoms are the new age condoms intended for delight combined with MORE joy. With regards to the mission to intensify joy amid sex, Playgard is presenting in India surprisingly, Super Dotted Condoms with half Bigger Dots! Playgard's Super Dots are raised higher by half and give additional incitement to the women, energizing them in unmentionable ways!

A solid hold, deliberately put knocks and dabs greater than at any other time make Playgard SuperDotted condoms a flat out power apparatus in bed! The tough surface includes grating and draws in different spots between the accomplices. Playgard Super Dotted condoms are accessible in four brilliant flavors: orange, spread scotch, strawberry and chocolate, making the affection making considerably progressively heavenly. Move over Dotted condoms, the most recent and most sweltering in condom designing is out and with a groan!

With Super Dotted Condoms, sex will in general get excessively hot. Normally, everybody wants for it to last more and for them we have Playgard More Time Condoms. With Playgard More Time Condoms, appreciate the vibe of half greater dabs and experience postponed peak. Accessible in arousing kinds of strawberry and chocolate, presently enduring longer is significantly more delightful than any time in recent memory. Use Playgard More Time to guarantee it feels incredible and endures long.

What's more, for men who favor thin yet safe insurance, Playgard Ultra-Thin is certainly the correct decision. Banana seasoned Ultra-Thin Condoms give strong insurance and give most extreme sensation to the men. Indeed they're so thin; one can scarcely tell they have it on! These greased up ultra-thin condoms come in incredibly helpful for all hot love making sessions.

Playgard's Ice Mint Multi Textured condoms accompany both ribbed and spotted surface turned out to be energizing stimulants for both the accomplices. These condoms give an assortment in surface to upgrade the sexual experience.

With Playgard's Super Dotted Condoms, encounter elevated closeness and spicier sexual coexistence. Playgard Condoms are bundled to accommodate a too simple ordeal. A simple to tear wrapper so that there is certifiably not a minute's postponement in evacuating the condom guarantee that there is no break in musicality. Playgard condoms likewise accompany a transfer pocket for every condom to help you tactfully dispose of the condoms after use with no issues.

Playgard Condoms are fabricated and promoted by Alkem Healthcare Laboratories which is the fifth biggest pharmaceutical organization of India. Playgard Condoms are electronically tried, pass various quality checks and stick to strict quality models.


Without precedent for India, Playgard is presenting Super Dotted Condoms. Much the same as spotted condoms, Super Dotted condoms have a fascinating surface of equitably spread knocks. But, with Super Dotted Condoms, these deliberately set spots are presently half Bigger! So fundamentally, at the season of intercourse, these super specks cause only the perfect measure of erosion at the different contact focuses causing improved sensations for both the accomplices.

Overly dabbed condoms are accessible in four energizing flavors-butterscotch, chocolate, orange and strawberry and with them, each time feels extraordinary and just better!

What's more, clearly when sex progresses toward becoming as hot as it does with Super Dots, one would want to last more. Playgard More Time professes to defer your peak as well as guarantees to uplift it! Accessible in Chocolate and strawberry, Playgard More Time Super Dotted Condoms are an unquestionable requirement have for exceptional evenings.

What's more, on the off chance that you need to be somewhat more trial and attempt a combination of surfaces, Playgard Multi Textured Condoms give only the correct mix of ribbed and dabbed. This mix does something amazing and saves you from picking one of the two energizing surfaces.

A great deal of men incline toward thin condoms for expanded sensation. Playgard Ultra-Thin Condoms are only for those looking for the (nearly) exposed inclination amid sex. It's so thin it's nearly just as it's not even there.

As a reward pack, you can purchase a pack of 10 with all the four suggestive kinds of Super Dotted Condoms!

There's significantly more that we could state about Playgard Condoms, however why not simply attempt and know for yourself!


Put on your best watch to play it better!

The best possible effective condoms which we use today were imagined in the nineteenth century. From that point forward, the world has seen numerous varieties of condoms.

A novel development is the Super Dotted Condom. It's not your customary spotted condom with interminable dabs. This one has greater dabs than expected, for an improved, out-of-the-world experience.

Truly young ladies and folks, super spots are in! These are half greater than normal dabs, so when the condom is utilized, it's not only a condom, it's an affair.


Super Dotted condoms make additional erosion, more prominent incitement and happiness for the getting accomplice, bringing out a more profound sexual reaction from both.

This prompts better certainty for both of you in your adoration making. It will expand you in testing and investigating distinctive positions, when all is said in done spicing things up.

Profundity of Regular dabbed condoms shift between 0.25-0.3 mm, though for very spotted it is 0.4-0.45mm

Width of standard condom is 1mm and for too spotted, it is 1.5-2mm.

In this way, with Playgard too spotted condoms, convey that additional amusing to the room. We have deliberately planned these spots to include extraaa joy with the goal that you give her more!

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